Corporate Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts develop skills related to asset management, redevelopment, budgeting, forecasting, and the overall financial ownership of a sizable portfolio of retail properties.
The position will work with the CFO/CEO on all financial matters related to the portfolios of ~50 open-air shopping centers. Based in New York, NY, analysts will regularly interface with members of the Leasing, Re/Development, Accounting, and Property Management teams.


  • Develop, track, and maintain accurate financial forecasts by monitoring and updating leasing assumptions
  • Analyzing potential leases to optimize return on investment while balancing the merchandising mix of the property relative to its surrounding residents
  • The production, review, and integrity of company-level budgets
  • Utilizing ARGUS Enterprise, MRI, and MS Excel to extract relevant data and manipulate it to assist with portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Teaming with the regional teams to underwrite, and monitor redevelopment and acquisition projects
  • A high level of ad hoc reporting, research, and analysis related to investor communications and preparation for quarterly/monthly earnings reporting

Successful Candidates:

  • Have strong understanding of accounting and GAAP principles
  • Have the ability to see a story in numbers—i.e., provide conclusions, not just data sets
  • Have the desire to 1) multitask; 2) learn the nuances of retail real estate; and 3) gain experience making sound business decisions (no micromanagement)


  • College/university degree required
  • Entry-level to two years of analyst experience
  • Exposure to ARGUS
  • Experienced MS Excel user
  • Ability to multi task and work well in a team-focused environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Professional approach and demeanor

To apply, please send a resume to